We GATHER for a renewed and inspired perspective.

Just as we share our resources and values with each other, Jesus shares the greatest gift of all,  Himself.  The greatest value we could hold is to be Centred in Jesus.  

Jesus began the tradition of communion at that last supper he had with his disciples.  He underscored how significant it was to recognize him as the bread of life and to remember him together. This act of breaking bread together can build a sense of community—just as Jesus’ early followers did devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship.  Let’s now celebrate this gift of communion with Jesus together.

Before Group

Ask group member(s) to have ready individual bread/cracker/tortilla chips and grape/juice/wine/water for communion.

During Group

Start with an ice breaker, have each member express what they are thankful for about LifeGroup and being able to gather. Consider using the whiteboard on Zoom to write out responses.

Once everyone has shared, play the communion video below. Follow along with Annik and Pastor Brian guiding us through communion.

Looking for another Communion option?

For those meeting in person, check out the Sensory Communion Experience that was shared in Launch Box 2020. Please note that this option may require additional preparation time.

group covenant

In order for LifeGroup to be a nurturing place, we need to build relationships with each other. We create safe groups where growth, consistency, authenticity, and participation are fostered. What better way than to review and make a revised or new covenant or setting individual or group goals for the year ahead.

At this time, revisit your LifeGroup’s Covenant.  Are there things that need to be added or revised?  

Sample LifeGroup Covenant

Here is an example of one group’s LifeGroup Covenant. In addition to the covenant, this LifeGroup put together guidelines and each member came up with an idea, which they incorporated by using the initial of their first name. Also, check out the vision board they created for their group!

After Group

Keep celebrating communion after group by remembering your group covenant and the gifts and practices you bring to the table.

Discussion Questions + Prayer

Here are the sermon-based Discussion Questions and prayer practice for this week.

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