We GROUP to put this inspired life into everyday practice.

The items listed below are just ideas you can use for your first LifeGroup (LG) meeting. We recognize every group will be at a different stage of familiarity and comfort (new LG, returning LG), so we want to give flexibility for you to lead your group as you prefer. It’s ok to leave room for catching up and chatting if it’s been a while since you’ve met.

For those continuing to meet online, Zoom fatigue is REAL! Take the time to acknowledge this with your group. As LifeGroup leaders, we want to set the intention with our group that we don’t take anyone’s time for granted and want this time together to be meaningful and uplifting to provide reenergizing experience through human connectedness and spiritual growth.


For this launch week of LifeGroups, consider some of these ideas for your group to prepare for this LifeGroup season: 

  • Dress-up in your favourite colours, characters or any theme you choose.
  • Change your Zoom background to the pictures from your favourite vacation.
  • Bring a picture of a favourite LifeGroup memory.
  • Choose a theme and have everyone decorate their space for your Zoom meeting.
  • Introduce your pets to your group.


Anthology Story Cards

Share the link and ask LifeGroup members to look through the pictures. You can make up your own questions or use one of these as a starting off point: 

  • Which card represents how they spent their summer? 
  • Which card represents how they’re feeling right now?
  • Which card represents where you want to be at the end of the lifegroup season?
  • Which card represents something you’re really looking forward to?

Grown-ups: Would you rather…? 

Kids: Would you rather…? 

Zoom FAIL: Have your group share a funny zoom fail they may have witnessed / been a part of this past year. 


    Check out some suggested activities for your first meeting. There are ideas for both online or in-person gatherings. 

    Click on a game below for info on how to prep and play each one.

    Four Quadrants

    Format: online or in-person
    Requirements: low tech or no tech
    Game Time: 15–20 mins
    Materials: paper and markers/pens

    Back-2-Back Drawing

    Format: online or in-person
    Requirements: low tech or no tech
    Game Time: 10–15 mins
    Materials: clipboards, blank paper and pencils


    Format: online or in-person
    Game Time: each round is 8–10 mins
    Materials: pen and paper


    Format: online or in-person
    Game Time: 20–30 mins depending on number of people and rounds played
    Requirements: each player needs their own device

    Virtual Scavenger Hunt

    Format: online
    Set-up: none required
    Requirements: Zoom

    Activities For Meeting In Person

    • Go for a walk / bike ride together.
    • Everyone bring their favourite snack to share (individually wrapped).
    • Click on the image for a fall scavenger hunt!


    Get your group’s winner to fill out the winner’s form in order to claim their prize!

    Discussion Questions + Prayer

    Here are the sermon-based Discussion Questions and prayer practice for this week.

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