Time to put love on display!

Welcome to Neighbourhood Love! This is an invitation and an opportunity for everyone—no matter their age or stage—to love and serve those right next door to them. Whether we are making a first connection or deepening a relationship, we love and serve our neighbours because it is the way of Jesus. Let’s go!  

Get  Ready

Activities for Each Week

Below are the discussions and activities to use in your groups. These are designed to help your group prepare to love their communities. 

step one:


step two:


step three:


step four:



How much time should we set aside for this during LifeGroups?

The expectation is that it will take about 20–30 minutes of group time between now and early June. Discussion Questions, care, and prayer should still be there. Missional Engagement is one of our 8 Essentials, and this helps you bring it into your group consistently over the next few weeks.

Does everyone in the group have to do the same activity, but on their own street?

No! Each group member can determine what they want to do. Group is a good place to brainstorm and cheer one another on!

Do we have to do one of the suggested activities?

Not at all! Use your imagination and, through the Week One content, ask God to open your eyes to the need on your street.

Does every member of my LifeGroup need to serve their neighbours on the same day?

You can decide as a group to do it on the same day or you can choose a day that works best for you. But we are asking this to be done some time between June 6 and 19.

But there’s a pandemic. Is this doable?

The suggested activities we’ve shared can all be done while following health and safety protocols. Anything you come up with should follow these protocols as well.

Are there any funds available?

Yes! A group can claim up to $50 per group for supplies that are needed in order to serve OnMission. This is to be like “seed money”.

But I know my neighbours! Do I get to opt out?

There’s always a next step. Maybe for those who know their neighbours already, your next step is to hold a neighbourhood Alpha! So many ideas!

What do we say to our neighbours when they ask us why we’re doing this?

“I’ve been thinking about my street, and I just want to know the people that live beside me better.” OR “We have all had a really tough year, and our family just wanted to share a bit of love with you.”

Do you have another question? Please email Calvin Quek at [email protected] or Pastor Karen at  [email protected].

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