week four

Awareness: How’s Your Sight

Cultivating relationships is essential to growing spiritually! And data has shown that having fun together is one of the best ways to keep on building great relationships! We might know how to do this in person, but virtually??? Well, we have some ideas for you!!!

Watch the video below and be inspired by Annik! Then, scroll down to find a list of games to choose from.

check in

If everyone has not viewed the Intro video (put the URL for the video here), do so now.  What is everyone’s gut response, or first response to this project?  Type it into the chat.

Big Idea

As we read through the New Testament, we cannot miss the way in which Jesus saw people. Crowds weary from travel, hungry from listening to a lot of preaching, beggars, the marginalized, the sick, and the lost were all embraced in His sweeping gaze.

It becomes obvious that Jesus did not merely look; He saw. 


Read Mark 10:46 – 52. 

What is one thing that captures your attention from this story? 

Who or what is your crowd that is preventing you from seeing Bartimeus?  The one right beside you? 

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